Liao Kai Curriculum Vitae

Gender: male

City: Chengdu


Over 8 years embedded/mobile platform development experience, rich experiences in offshore project management.

Over 5 years of various experiences in Web application development, solid knowledge of frontend and backend technologies.

Over 5 years customer project management experiences, with fluent English communication and reporting skill.

Good at teamwork and communication, quick learner, good programming consciousness and practice, broad technical vision.


Excellent understanding of software architecture, independent software developer.

Rich experiences on Android, J2ME, PHP developing, tier to tier solution.

Deep understanding of Agile/Scrum development, rich knowledge of project life-cycle management.

Strong program management experiences (communication, customer empathy, drive to closure, risk management, conflict management).

Software Engineer / Team Leader

Coretek System Inc. Chengdu R&D center, Dec 2005 – Jun 2008

  • Subsidiary of AVIC(Fortune 500),ISO9000 and GJB standards certificated.
  • JAVA programming, documentation, debugging & troubleshooting under IPD.
  • Responsible for business development and maintenance, successful customization for over 6 clients with 5 partners.

Group Manager / Project Manager

Digia Plc, Jun 2008 – Oct 2012

  • Finnish outsourcing company (NASDAQ: DIG1V), Qt product owner.
  • Line management, capacity management & steering report.
  • PMO member, responsible for project management process development & audit, familiar with multi-site & multi-vender co-operation.
  • Sale support, Tendering, project portfolio, project management, project planning and execution, schedule and progress report, customer interface.

Software Specialist/Lead

Asiainfo-linkage, Chengdu, Dec 2012 - now

  • Telecommunications industry IT solutions and services provider (NASDAQ:ASIA).
  • Technical team ramp up. Hire, train, coach, manage, and mentor software engineers.
  • Developing products from conception to launch.

Project Experiences


Social network aggression for android platform 2012.5 - 2013.1

  • Support Sina/Tencent/Renren platform.
  • Cover 90% of mainstream target models, with consistent user experience.
  • Independent designer, published in major appstore.

Insight Launcher

Intelligent Android home-screen with brand new user experience 2013.5 –

  • New concept launcher always bring right apps and newsfeeds to the right place.
  • Invoking location and sensor api, 6 major system components (contacts etc.). Including daily functions like weather widgets, and over 500 different user stories.
  • Restful web service base on PHP and J2EE.
  • Lead developer of development, responsible for overall design and programing.


UI implementation of one multi-media Consumer Electronics for Fortune 500 company 2011.9 – 2012.4

  • Participant project with other top IT supplier, over 10k man/hour effort with over 10 project team member, last for over half year.
  • Integrate all multi-media applications (internet surfing/media play/file manager), based on embedded Linux + QT.
  • Responsible for project steering manager, improve project management process, enhance customer satisfaction & profitability.


Rapid UI prototyping for Nokia mobile platform 2011.4 – 2011.8

  • Rapid UI prototyping base on QML for an unpublicized platform.
  • Short agile iteration (twice per week) with 5 project team member, including UX, development & testing.
  • Participant project tendering, design, implementation, testing and delivery.
  • Good risk & change management, on schedule delivery with good software quality.

Freestyle maintenance project

Maintenance project for Nokia 9.1/9.2 PIM, Oct. 2008 – Jan.2012

  • Maintain the Freestyle Homescreen & Calendar application 1.0 – 2.1 for over 5 platforms, and over 10 products.
  • Program with near 20 HC, 3 teams located in Chengdu/Helsinki/Pori, over 500 person/month.
  • Risk & change management, defects tracking and management, excellent customer satisfaction.

Fiscal & EFT POS Application

Application development & customization based on J2ME platform, Dec 2005 – Jun 2008

  • Great product with over 2,000,000 lines, 50,000 persons/month and more than 30 developers.
  • Based on modified J2ME, fiscal and EFT functions within, 3 difference industries, over 200 function keys and features.
  • Core developer of business application group, responsible for architecture betterment, business flow improvement.
  • Leadership in business application framework reconstitution and continuous improves. Performance and development efficiency improved by 30%, easier to start with.
  • Electrical financial support development environment including backend emulator and client application, good know how about EFT standards and specs.


Sichuan Normal University, Bachelor, Computer Science and Technology, Sep 2001 - Jun 2005